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Welcome to Lakshayaindia !
It's an education game that's creative fun. This fun story game lets you select best story title from multiple titles. Players learn the value of not only reading a story but also reviewint it. Invest in this education game.

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Result Of The Day
Game Type:-Silver,Story -1994,Title-uofoudoufpug ,Title No-3,Game Time-09:00:00-10:00:00
Game Type:-Gold,Story -1995,Title-ufoufoyfpupig ,Title No-2,Game Time-09:00:00-10:00:00
Game Type:-Diamond,Story -1996,Title-Susnmsndn ,Title No-7,Game Time-09:00:00-10:00:00
Game Type:-Silver,Story -1997,Title-itsuofpui ,Title No-0,Game Time-10:00:00-11:00:00
Game Type:-Gold,Story -1998,Title-Ghsisnms ,Title No-4,Game Time-10:00:00-11:00:00
Game Type:-Diamond,Story -1999,Title-usiydyodoufouforoufou ,Title No-1,Game Time-10:00:00-11:00:00
Game Type:-Silver,Story -2000,Title-xfiik ,Title No-9,Game Time-11:00:00-12:00:00
Game Type:-Gold,Story -2001,Title-itsuofpui ,Title No-0,Game Time-11:00:00-12:00:00
Game Type:-Diamond,Story -2002,Title-itsuofpui ,Title No-0,Game Time-11:00:00-12:00:00
Game Type:-Silver,Story -2003,Title-Ghsisnms ,Title No-4,Game Time-12:00:00-13:00:00
Game Type:-Gold,Story -2004,Title-Bdukms ,Title No-6,Game Time-12:00:00-13:00:00
Game Type:-Diamond,Story -2005,Title-xyjnykbb ,Title No-5,Game Time-12:00:00-13:00:00
Game Type:-Silver,Story -2006,Title-xfiik ,Title No-9,Game Time-13:00:00-14:00:00
Game Type:-Gold,Story -2007,Title-xyjnykbb ,Title No-5,Game Time-13:00:00-14:00:00
Game Type:-Diamond,Story -2008,Title-xyjnykbb ,Title No-5,Game Time-13:00:00-14:00:00
Game Type:-Silver,Story -2009,Title-cyjnmgyub ,Title No-7,Game Time-14:00:00-15:00:00
Game Type:-Gold,Story -2010,Title-usiydyodoufouforoufou ,Title No-1,Game Time-14:00:00-15:00:00
Game Type:-Diamond,Story -2011,Title-Hhejenmeoslmebwhjenenshshje ,Title No-3,Game Time-14:00:00-15:00:00
Game Type:-Silver,Story -2012,Title-xfiik ,Title No-9,Game Time-15:00:00-16:00:00
Game Type:-Gold,Story -2013,Title-cyjnmgyub ,Title No-7,Game Time-15:00:00-16:00:00
Game Type:-Diamond,Story -2014,Title-xfiik ,Title No-9,Game Time-15:00:00-16:00:00
Game Type:-Silver,Story -2015,Title-usiydyodoufouforoufou ,Title No-1,Game Time-16:00:00-17:00:00
Game Type:-Gold,Story -2016,Title-Hhejenmeoslmebwhjenenshshje ,Title No-3,Game Time-16:00:00-17:00:00
Game Type:-Diamond,Story -2017,Title-Hhejenmeoslmebwhjenenshshje ,Title No-3,Game Time-16:00:00-17:00:00
Game Type:-Silver,Story -2018,Title-usiydyodoufouforoufou ,Title No-1,Game Time-17:00:00-18:00:00
Game Type:-Gold,Story -2019,Title-xyjnykbb ,Title No-5,Game Time-17:00:00-18:00:00
Game Type:-Diamond,Story -2020,Title-xfiik ,Title No-9,Game Time-17:00:00-18:00:00


     Lakshayaindia is an online game portal      for Lucky Gamers.

      Try Your Luck Today and get rewarded       by Lakhsya India. Are You Ready ?

     This fun story game lets you select best       story title from multiple titles.